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Systems analysis and design, software development and modifying existing software (programming), raining,
implementation, and onsite support.


1) In conjunction with national office plan, design, develop and maintain software applications to
‘support Implementation of Health Management information Systems and of the MOHCC ICT systems
2)  Participates in review of paper data collection tools in terms of how they can be automated in
electronic systems.
3) Plan, bulk, maintain and upgrade existing and new MOHCC ICT systems
4) Knowledge and experience in use of open source software
7) Creates and reviews training manuals for both facilitators and participants on how to use electron system
8) Tests systems and/or programs by preparing test plans and data, conducting test runs, reviewing both input
And output data for accuracy and validity.
9) — Operates remote terminals and other date entry equipment.
10 Maintains and revamps all databases in consultation with the DBA.
11) Ensures the security and integrity of all systems and date.
12) identifies opportunities that can improve efficiency of electronic systems business processes .
13} Participates in system structure design and systems programming.
14) Assets in gathering user requirements and creation of the system design and functional specifications for new
developmental projects,
15) Research specific technical software and rated questions and problems from users and management,
misting & software systems.
16) Recommends polices and procedures for using the systems.
17) Participates in the  integration of existing software products and getting incompatible platforms toward
18) Participates in the activities required for the operation and maintenance of systems by recommending
Changes and corrections to provide for new needs for users.

 Capacity Building.
-Assist in reviews and designs training manuals and procedures for the system users.
-Undertakes training evaluation programs.
-Participates in onsite systems orientation programs.
– Systems Support.
-Installs any software packages for work purposes inducing Windows and Linux Operating systems,
antivirus and office packages.

QUALIFICATIONS 1. Fest Degree in Computing and Information Technology or equivalent
C OMPETENC IES AND SKILLS REQUIRED 1. Programming language certification Orale certificate is an added advantage

2 5-10 years programming experience

3. Designed and proposed electronic system until implementation

The Secretary for Health                                      Hand Deliveries:

Ministry of Health and Child Care                        1st Floor, Kaguvi Building

PO Box CY 1122,Causeway                                   Fourth Street/Central Ave Harare.


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