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Mnandi Foods, a newly established Zimbabwean producer/distributor, marketing and selling of a diverse range of locally made foods, beverages and opaque beer. It is also a leading distributor of imported international food and beverage brands. The company expanding; production lines and is looking for experienced professionals in the following fields,

Master Brewers (1) & Assistant Brewers (2)

The position of Brewer is a multi-skilled brewing position responsible for assisting in the production of opaque beer and maheu

Knowledge & Skill Requirements:

• A 4year degree in Chemistry, microbiology, Fermentation Science, Biology Or Similar science based degree program (Or) graduation from an accredited School of Brewing and completion of a high school diploma. • Experience in commercial brewing is required as either an Assistant Brewer or as a Brewer. (Strong technical knowledge of brewing, fermentation ad the finishing stage of beer production) • Similar job or work history with minimum 2-3 years’ experience. • Self-motivated, have excellent written skills,- verbal communication and a minimum of 28 years of age • Be able to work under stressful situations unique to the manufacturing/production environment of a fast-paced brewery. • Candidates must be proficient in MS Office software including Excel and Word • The qualified employee must be passionate about the product and industry. • Attention to detail and patience for brewing process to achieve high standards of quality • A great team work ethic and problem solving skills

Essential Job Functions:

• Follow all safety procedures and adhere to all company policies and procedures. • Communicate in a cross-functional, cross-departmental TEAM environment. • Communicates all pertinent batch related information at shift changeover • Ability to accurately develop and follow SOPs and understanding of specific beer process terminologies • Understanding of Brewing processes, CIP, sanitation and sterilization techniques • Perform daily job duties including, but not limited to: CIP, molt milling, operating brew house, yeast pitching, fermentation monitoring, filtration, general cleaning, beer tasting • Operate both manual and computer automated equipment while maintaining quality standards • Monitor progress of beer through production cycle via brewery information system • Monitoring of individual batches and fermentation of individual tanks of beer, records batch performance and raw material quality & performance. • Comfortable working with chemicals of varying composition and maintaining adherence to safety standards at all times during routine cleaning of brewing equipment

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