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We are looking for a highly skilled, creative Head of Health, responsible for designing strategies and coordinate activities in the fields of Health, Nutrition and Emergency Response Management by increasing the programs’ quality and impact through designing strategies and implementing them in conformity with HLF standards and national policies.

Key Responsibilities
• Lead the development and implementation of the strategic business plan for the Health pillar covering Nutrition and Emergency Response
• Provide leadership in the development of technical policies related to Health, Nutrition and Emergency Response.
• Manage the synthesis of Health and Emergency Response research outcomes to inform improvement in program design.
• Keep abreast of developments in Health and Emergency Response programme changes and progress in order to advise and recommend tools and strategies to increase programme performances and results.
• Consults with partners to maximize impact of projects and ensure optimal learning. This may include: site visits, convening meetings of key stakeholders, shaping reports on key findings and coordinating on dissemination plans.
• Design, develop and evaluate actions in the field of Health, Nutrition and Emergency Response
• Initiate studies and/or operational research based on the analysis of data provided by other partners.
• Engages in teamwork with other Heads of Departments in other technical areas to develop an integrated multi-sectoral approach for health.
• Draws up new proposals for intervention in Health, Nutrition and Emergency Response programme areas for approval.
• Develops and monitors budgets allocated to the field of health.
• Engages with M&E in reviewing and technical validation of methodology of Baseline/Endline surveys and reports related to health, nutrition and Emergency Response.
• Responds to emergencies that directly or indirectly impact the operation of the Foundation and the country in accordance with the guidelines established within the Foundation’s Emergency Operation Plans, as well as the Local, Provincial and the National Incident Management System.
• Keeps informed of country, province, and local regulations affecting emergency plans and ensures that plans adhere to these regulations, proposes alteration of emergency response procedures based on regulatory changes, technological changes, or knowledge gained from outcomes of previous emergency situations, and develops and performs tests and evaluations of emergency management plans in accordance with provincial and country regulations.
• Coordinates responses by all resources during an actual event to ensure timely and effective response and manages recovery in a post-incident environment.
• Keeps informed of activities or changes that could affect the likelihood of an emergency, as well as those that could affect response efforts and details of plan implementation.
• Develops hazard-specific plans that outline operating procedures to be used in response to disasters or emergencies, and in recovery from these events.
• Plans, develops, and implements a variety of table-top, functional, and full scale exercises designed to test the Foundation’s ability to respond to various situations using an all-hazards approach to emergency management designed to test different departments in the Foundation and identify gaps in the current response plan.
• Ensures the Emergency Management call lists are up-to-date and functional, conducts quarterly reviews and verification of call lists and publishes updates, and maintains the building coordinator roster.
• Promote effective knowledge management within the Health and Emergency Response teams, and collaborating partners including translation of research knowledge to practice environments, and other activities to promote utilisation of research generated knowledge in field settings.
• Maintains and updates all resource materials associated with emergency preparedness plans, prepares emergency situation status reports that describe response and recovery efforts, needs, and preliminary damage assessments.
• Coordinates disaster response or crisis management activities, such as ordering evacuations, opening shelters, and implementing special needs plans in liaison with relevant authorities.

Qualifications, Skills and Competencies
• University degree (Masters) preferred in human nutrition, medical sciences or social sciences.
• Minimum of 6 years of previous experience working with NGOs specifically in Health, Nutrition and Emergency Response.
• Possess advanced knowledge of Health, Nutrition and Emergency Response guidelines and procedures.
• Possess significant experience with NGOs in recovery and complex emergencies.
• Excellent team management, budget management and representation competencies.
• Possess strong analytical skills.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
• Excellent interpersonal skills.
• Ability to develop training and performance standards is required.
• Ability to manage a budget and to solve problems and make appropriate decisions is required.
• Possess the ability to clearly communicate ideas, facts, and concepts to all constituencies.
• The ability to develop policy and procedures is required.
• The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

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