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Oxford Recruitment

Oxford Recruitment is an experienced Executive Recruitment agency focused on bringing together job seekers and Employers looking for staff. Our expertise as an Employment Agency in Zimbabwe has been developed over many years.  Our focus is primarily on the Client’s needs and we are able to assist clients where they are not absolutely clear as to the type of candidate best suited to address particular business requirements that the client may have.  We like to gain a clear business understanding of what the client is hoping to achieve by recruiting new staff and in this way we are able to determine which candidates can best excel at meeting the client’s business objectives.

When matching candidates to the client’s specific business requirements for any recruitment activity we take account of not only the candidates experience and qualifications but also such factors as the candidate’s ability to adapt to the clients work environment.  It is often these ‘softer candidate attributes’ which result in an excellent fit for the client and mutually beneficial placement for both the client and the job seeker.

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14 Pendennis Road,
Mount Pleasant
04 744354 or 0715272000
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