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National Pharmaceutical Company

The National Pharmaceutical Company (NatPharm) prides itself for being the appointed agent for procurement, storage and distribution of medical supplies to Public health institutions. The organization procures in bulk for more than 1450 Health  institutions thereby enjoying economies of scale at procurement, This translates to affordable  prices for medicines and medical supplies. The bulk purchase also benefits  NatPharm’s  private sector customers. NatPharm’s network of warehouses across the country makes the organization well placed to adequately cover all the institutions in terms of distribution. There are six provincial warehouses and to aid in distribution the organization is endowed with 23 delivery trucks. This  works out at an average of not less than three trucks per store. Besides trading in medical supplies, the organization offers procurement and storage services, for a fee, to any interested party. A number of development partners have  been making use of this service for their donated medicines

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14 Pendennis Road,
Mount Pleasant
04 744354 or 0715272000
Operating hours 8am - 4.30pm

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