Logistics Officer (L2) – Zimbabwe: International Medical Corps

Deadline: 23 September 2016

The Logistics Officer (L2) will be responsible to, and accountable to, the Finance and Administration Director for assisting with the delivery of all logistics related activities, commensurate with their level of knowledge and experience, in accordance with International Medical Corps Logistics policies and procedures. In support of the project ‘Addressing emergency nutrition and WASH needs while building the resilience of vulnerable households in Zimbabwe’ with particular challenges identified being on the nutrition and WASH emergency in Insiza and Beitbridge districts, in Matabeleland South province of Zimbabwe.

Essential responsibilities & accountabilities
Provide to your supervisor the support to assist with the delivery of, and implementation of, all logistics support systems according to IMC Logistics policies and procedures; Work with your supervisor to provide input to planning for procurements and the provision of advice to those making a procurement request, then assist with the processing of such requests in accordance with IMC policies and procedures, in a transparent, accountable, efficient and cost effective manner. Assist with ensuring that all procurements are managed, tracked and recorded; Assist your supervisor with local market surveys, to gain knowledge of the availability and price of local items; Assist your supervisor with engagement with freight forwarding agencies, freight handling/clearance agents, and local Customs, to ensure that cargo is managed at all points of the supply chain; Assist with the proactive tracking of all medical supplies, equipment, material and food in transit, through its receipt, storage, and onward distribution; Assist with capturing pipeline information to help ensure that Program staff are kept well-informed of incoming goods and material; Assist with the timely reporting on stock status, to help Program staff with planning of stock replenishment, and, support Program staff to verify that distribution has occurred according to the intentions and plans of your supervisor, donors, IMC, and project partners; Assist with the management of all matters logistics relating to transport and fuel management, to develop your understanding of fleet management procedures, to include ensuring that the fleet is asset managed correctly, being driven safely, maintained appropriately, damages are reported, and ensure that vehicles internal equipment (tools, comms etc) are complete and serviceable; Assist with ensuring that the usage of fuel is correctly managed, and logged and recorded; Raise issues to your supervisor on security-related transport issues, such as booking in/out and assist with addressing them; Assist your supervisor to manage all matters logistics regarding satellite communications and radio communications to develop your understanding of field comms issues, and to ensure that equipment’s are asset managed diligently and maintained appropriately; Assist your supervisor to capture preparedness information relevant to your mission site so that logistic systems are robust and flexible enough to cope if a crisis occurs. This may include assisting with assessments of airports, transport available, warehousing, access routes, fuel availability, field comms issues, staffing challenges, training required etc; Assist with maintaining accurate filing systems, with documented and supported records of actions for audit purposes; Be flexible and manage your time accordingly, to be prepared to tackle other tasks commensurate with your role, and level of experience, at short notice; Ensure compliance with IMC policies and procedures, donor regulations and local laws; Ensure that the procurement and disposal of commodities, especially those subject to US Export Compliance regulations, are in line with applicable licenses and are properly documented; Ensure that vendor eligibility screening is carried out in a timely fashion, updated regularly, and, recorded appropriately; If you have staff to supervise, manage them with integrity and foresight.  Actively seek advice on HR procedures and policies to ensure that the highest standards of accountability and professionalism are upheld; Make frequent site visits to where staff supervised by you are working, to ensure that the appropriate care and support is being offered; With guidance from your supervisor, ensure that staff supervised by you are evaluated regularly, trained and/or mentored in a structured accountable manner, and written records of such are retained; Provide input to the recruitment, selection and performance of logistics staff, as required; Advocate and plan for professional development for yourself, and any staff supervised by you; Provide input to, and deliver, where applicable, training for national staff to increase their responsibilities in order to build capacity, and ensure sustainability of programs; Proactively engage with your supervisor, and key staff (Program, Finance) on all matters logistic; Proactively engage on a regular basis with your supervisor, and regional IMC logistics officer colleagues to develop working networks to seek advice where needed; Assist your supervisor with engaging with donors, local government, project partners, UN agencies and other non-governmental organizations in order to manage the distribution of goods and materiel as, well as to ensure adequate information sharing, address common concerns/problems and seek solutions; Represent IMC in a positive and professional manner to contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of IMC’s mandate, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to other actors; Ensure the application of, and compliance with, security protocols and policies of supervised staff (and yourself); Assess field security situation regularly, update the security guidelines and SOPs as required; Coordinate and monitor security activities to ensure that safety and security policies and procedures are implemented; Ensure that all field staff are fully cognizant of prevailing security threats and fully advised on means to reduce staff vulnerability to those threats; Ensure internal incident tracking system is utilized properly and perform incident mapping and analysis; Collects security related information from local resources as it applies to sites and communicates with Country Director (CD) as appropriate; Monitors the security preparedness of country staff and works with CD to enforce staff compliance with internal security policies and SOPs; Recommends changes in country security plans to CD as needed; Ensure weekly security reports are completed and sent to CD, providing timely updates of all situational and security developments including investigation of security incidents; Keep excellent records and logs by maintaining accurate filing systems, with documented and supported records for audit purposes; Monthly / Quarterly Reports – the cadre is responsible for the production of the site monthly operations / logistics report. The monthly report must be sent to his/her supervisor by the 5th of each month. Gathers information and updated documents from his/her colleagues and ensures the report is complete, sent in timely manner to his supervisors.

Knowledge and experience
Evidence of practical experience in logistics within the field of supply chain management (basic procurement, clearance of cargo, transport, warehousing, asset management, etc.); Provide some record of experience of donor specific procedures, where possible; It is desirable that experience is supported by study by academic study, such as a Higher National Diploma or Degree in the field of Purchasing and Supply, or a related field; Show some experience of the provision of support to supervisors for the management of budgets and the ability to provide input to timely, complete and accurate reporting; It is desirable to show some training skills to build national staff capacity, in the areas of supply chain management; Show evidence of your ability to work in a participatory manner with staff to assess needs, implement and monitor activities to include problem-solving skills, with an analytical approach; Ability to integrate and work well within multiethnic and multicultural teams; Ability to ensure quality deliverables and meet deadlines; Negotiation, interpersonal and organization skills; Valid driving license; Proficiency with MS Word and Excel (minimum requirement); Ability to read, write, analyse and interpret, technical and non-technical in the English language; Ability to present information and respond appropriately to questions; Ability to speak isiNdebele is an added advantage; Must be able to travel

To apply
Qualified and interested candidates are required to submit a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae with the job title in the subject line to: recruitmentzimbabwe@internationalmedicalcorps.org