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Looking for the above for a fixed contract to start April

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Not more than 25 years old.

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Zimbabwe Country Director

LOCATION OF JOB: Harare, Zimbabwe
POSTED: 23 Mar 2016
CLOSING: 17 Apr 2016

HOPE International is a network of microfinance institutions operating in several countries around the world. It works to empower men, women and families, through lending, savings services, basic business training and mentoring. Within its network, HOPE includes traditional microfinance programs, savings programs and targeted development of small and medium enterprises.


Working in conjunction with the existing team, more specifically the HOPE Africa SCA Regional Director (RD), the appropriate staff of the church partners, and the HOPE SCA Program staff members, to cast vision, set goals, ensure that appropriate resources are in place, and to achieve or exceed these goals, leading to the overall realization of the mission of HOPE partnership with the church and other partners in Zimbabwe.

Tasks and Responsibilities: 

  • Promote and fulfill the mission and vision of HOPE International;
  • Spiritual Integration and Christian Witness:
    • Lead the spiritual integration plan for the program(s) in Zimbabwe that contains clear goals and metrics against which to measure progress toward goals;
    • Establishment weekly devotions and prayer among staff of both the church partners as well as HOPE Zimbabwe in order to maintain a focus on the program’s Christ-centered mission and vision and to promote spiritual growth among staff, group members and other associated parties;
    • Ensure a healthy spiritual balance within family, work and church life through the adoption of Biblical, personal, spiritual disciplines.
  • Relationship Management:
    • Proactively lead and sustain the relationship between HOPE and the church partners in Zimbabwe to ensure the longevity and continued growth of the program. This should be done in conjunction with the existing team within HOPE and the Zimbabwe church partners;
    • Provide programmatic support to program staff through high level oversight as well as hands-on training, motivation, guidance and logistics support.
  • Strategic Planning:
    • Lead the development of 3-5 year strategic plans and annual business plans for the growth and development of the church partners’ SCA programs for HOPE Zimbabwe;
    • Collaborate with HOPE’s SCA and Technical Analysts (TA) staff in order to ensure the programs are following industry standards and best practices for SCAs in their activities. Set appropriate performance and social metrics and targets for achievement. Provide correction, guidance and support when program participants stray from the approved methodology;
    • Establish and implement a strategy for sourcing the appropriate resources (people, financial, etc.) needed to achieve the goals outlined within the program’s plan. This should include the creation of a resource plan and program budget to be submitted to HOPE during its annual budgeting process.
  • Financial Management:
    • Oversee the financial system (or adapt the current system) for tracking expenses related to HOPE Zimbabwe and the church partners activities;
    • Supervise submission of requests for funding to HOPE in a timely manner with appropriate back-up to ensure resources are made available at the appropriate time;
    • Ensure the achievement of programmatic goals and objectives while remaining within the budget set out for HOPE Zimbabwe and the church partners.
  • Reporting:
    • Provide support to the church partner program by assisting in the continued development and implementation of a set reporting format for SCA group activities, as defined and supported by HOPE;
    • Ensure that HOPE and the church partner reporting deadlines are met for;
    • Provide reports as needed for donors, auditors, and other parties;
    • Meet regularly with the RD to review status of progress toward goals and to address issues.
  • Systems, Assets and Risk Management:
    • Establish systems and standard operating processes and procedures for the operational management of HOPE Zimbabwe which ensure that risk for the organization is minimized;
    • Ensure systems are in place or are developed to review, expose, report and eliminate areas of risk within the organization;
    • Ensure that HOPE Zimbabwe’s assets are secure and well maintained.
  • Governance:
    • Oversee the establish HOPE Zimbabwe as an independent entity recognized and registered under the appropriate laws of Zimbabwe;
    • Set-up the appropriate board/governing body that will oversee and provide strategic direction of SCA operations for HOPE Zimbabwe.
  • HOPE International Network Representative:
    • Represent HOPE’s various interests and potential partnerships within Zimbabwe by proactively developing relationships with like-minded Christ-centered organizations and pursuing existing relationships that may result in mutually beneficial partnerships;
    • Show hospitality to any and all visitors from HOPE or related parties that wish to visit the program and witness its operations. This includes the timely establishment and creation of appropriate itineraries, overseeing all necessary on the ground logistics, and accurately representing HOPE and its mission through communication with visitors;
    • Responsible to know the contents of the HOPE Network Membership Guide and to establish and implement a plan for its compliance and a good rating;
    • Attend HOPE’s Annual Leadership summit in Lancaster and other training meetings in order to facilitate lateral learning and relationship building among the programs within HOPE’s network.


  • Personal confession of faith in Jesus Christ and a passionate commitment to HOPE’s mission of Christ-centered microenterprise development and promotion of savings and credit associations;
  • Demonstrated experience at the senior leadership level in international development work or a minimum of 5 years of successful business experience at a senior management level; A minimum of two years-experience in international development work;
  • Qualifying degree in finance, accounting, business administration, international development, or similar field of study;
  • Skilled leader, with excellent understanding of cross-cultural communications, workplace relationships, church relations, and the ability to relate to and effectively motivate staff;
  • Fluent in English and one of the major, predominant local languages in Zimbabwe;
  • Excellent written, verbal, and computer-based communication skills;
  • Assertive self-starter with demonstrated ability to work independently and in collaboration with a team;
  • Passionate to help people that have been brought low by poverty or other circumstances to regain hope, dignity, and the ability to support themselves and their families;
  • Highly flexible and creative in coping with stressful and frustrating situations; able to live, manage, and work cross-culturally in a developing world context with limited resources;
  • Experience working with the church at national and/or regional levels (e.g. denominations) strongly preferred;
  • Experience in microenterprise development, particularly SCA programs or savings-led microfinance preferred;
  • Demonstrated local experience in and understanding of the country of Zimbabwe is strongly preferred.

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