Welthungerhilfe (www.welthungerhilfe.de) is one of the large and respected private organisations in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid in Germany. It carries out projects in 39 countries and campaigns publicly for fairer cooperation with developing countries. If you are ready to implement projects with a high level of commitment under the current particular conditions and possess the qualities listed below, we look forward to receiving your application for the following vacancy that has arisen for the resilience project in our Bulawayo office.

Under the UNDP managed Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund, Welthungerhilfe Zimbabwe (WHH) and its partners – Community Technology Development Organisation (CTDO);

Agricultural Partnership Trust (APT) and Institute of Environmental Studies (IES), will implement a project entitled Strengthening institutions, building assets and enhancing productivity towards resilience. The project will engage key stakeholders to plan and implement resilience building activities addressing infrastructure, food and nutrition security market linkages and community safety nets in Umzingwane, Umguza, Bubi and Nkayi districts in participatory and sustainable ways.




Aims and duties of the position


The ICT4D Communication Officer will oversee the design and implementation of the project ICT4D communication strategy to ensure all project participants have up to date knowledge of programme delivery and can give feedback on this at any time.

Please note this is not a traditional communication officer post where organisation activities are presented to external stakeholders. This post uses information communication technology – in particular the cellphone –to communicate with project stakeholders within a project at all levels in order to improve project delivery.

Your most important duties:

i. Design, implement and monitor the delivery of communication, content and channels that

form the Resilience Project Communication Strategy. This will include regular SMS

messaging and feedback loops; diverse Whatsapp groups; website, Facebook, videos and use

of smartphones among project staff, government and the community.

ii. Farmer and field response to communication content and channels is critical. The ICT4D

Communication Officer will ensure all feedback options are established, effective and


iii. Support the link between feedback monitoring and M&E officers.

iv. Provide technical advice and support to project staff and MAMID in planning and delivering

relevant information and content for communication products;

v. Adapt the content of messages and materials according to feedback and community surveys,

to ensure communities are receiving the information they want in a way they find useful.

vi. Ensure that feedback is communicated with all EXTRA staff and extension officers.

vii. Oversee the design and editorial content of the website and facebook, ensuring that content

are regularly updated and promoted.

viii. Based on reviews of feedback, up-date and implement the EXTRA communication strategy

and provide information about other possibilities. This includes occasional updates on the

strategies of the other two consortia.

ix. Provide support and training in communication for the staff at all working sites.

x. Lead the production of videos, podcasts and other messages, which are produced for the

project and SMS messages.

xi. Develop and implement sustainable strategies for the different communication systems.

xii. Be responsible for the compilation and finalization of ICT4D reports.



 Advanced University degree in Agriculture, Development, Communication, or related field;

 At least 2 years of professional experience in delivering ICT4D communication to rural

communities or diverse project stakeholders;

 Excellent spoken and written Ndebele and English;

 Good communication and interpersonal skills;

 Experience of ICT4D computer applications;


 Commitment to gender equality;

 Knowledge in development issues;

 Proven ability to organize, plan and prioritize work;

 Ability to write or edit materials to appeal to target audiences

 Strong design skills, drafting and reporting;

 Excellent presentation skills;

 Ability to work in a team and independently;

 Ability to build proven capacity building skills.

Please send a covering letter and CV by email, including the job reference code in the

subject line, by 15 July 2016 to recruitment.zimbabwe@welthungerhilfe.de