In the ruthless hustle of the business world in 2017, you’ve got to stay sharp on all fronts in order to move your personal brand forward. Competition surrounds you. There are youngsters looking to take you down and old management who have cemented themselves in their positions who are trying to block your way to management level. Everyone you know is busy sharpening skills or adding new qualifications to their job tool belt.

In Zimbabwe we have a very educated workforce that is unemployed. These guys are a throng of bloodthirsty vultures that would gladly do your difficult job for half the salary. If you aren’t trying to move forward, it’s only a matter of time before you’re jobless, with bitter wife and a resentful family.
Here are 3 simple tips that can help you to maintain a competitive edge in the workplace.

A quick way to get some of the pressure off you is to find who your direct competitors are in the workplace. Make a chart. Pick 3 people who may be gunning for your job. Pay close attention to their behaviour. Sweet-talk and befriend the HR and get a good look their CV. Scan their movements during working hours and know all the top managers they talk to.

• What qualities/skills do they have that you don’t?
• Does it pose a threat to you?
• What University did they go to or their degree grade? Is it better than your degree grade or qualification
• Ask around. Are they well-liked?

Get as much information as you can. If you don’t feel threatened by the end of the process, leave them alone. If you are still feeling insecure, proceed to step 2.

You can find anything about anyone these days! It’s fantastic! Get on the Internet and do some research on this person. Using your Computer find as many documents, pictures, social networking sites, and see their facebook comments. Almost everyone is on Facebook and their personal comments give a good insight on their character, thoughts, aspirations and vision.


The best way to attack your competitor is to assert your presence at your workplace in a positive way; you will need to outshine your co-workers in your attitude, work habits, productivity and always updating your qualifications. Keep in mind that asserting your presence at your workplace can take time. If you try too hard to assert your presence all at once, you may come across as pushy and domineering.

Be the best at what you do. The best way to assert your presence at your workplace is to outperform your co-workers. This includes producing high-quality work, using your time productively, and maintaining a positive attitude while you’re at work.

Voice your opinion frequently. You can assert your presence at your workplace and make sure that your opinions are counted by offering new ideas and coming up with solutions to your company’s problems.

Be friendly, but steer clear of office politics and gossip. Asserting your presence at your workplace means making contact with your co-workers and establishing yourself as a go-to person. To ensure that you assert a positive presence, make sure that your interactions are always professional and respectful.

Volunteer for special projects. In addition to making yourself available to co-workers, you can assert your presence in your workplace by helping out management by volunteering to serve on committees and working on special projects that go beyond your expected responsibilities.

Show self-confidence. If you want to assert your presence at your workplace, demonstrate that you believe in yourself and your abilities as a worker and a leader, by making eye contact during conversations, speaking in a clear voice, and taking pride in your appearance.



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