FAO General Service Positions – Grades G-3, G-4, G-5, G-6

Location Rome,IT
Organization Name OHRD
Deadline for Applications 29-Jan-2017
Notes FAO General Service Positions – Grades G-3, G-4, G-5, G-6
Department Description
Duties and Responsibilities

I.              Organizational Setting

The positions are located at FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy.

II.             General Service Positions

The functions in the General Service category include administrative, secretarial and clerical support.

The work carried out by General Service staff supports the functioning of the Organization and is typically procedural, operational or technical in nature. The work in these categories ranges from routine duties to varied and complex assignments. The knowledge of the subject matter and higher-level skills are generally developed through long experience and familiarity with applicable procedures, regulations and precedents or projects of the Organization in a narrow technical field or in an administrative support activity. The higher the level of the job, the more complex the functions become along with higher levels of responsibility.

General Service Positions are divided into grades: G-1 to G-7.

Staff in the General Service category are recruited locally from the area in which the particular office is located but could be of any nationality. As a result, such staff members are usually not expected to move between different duty stations.

III.            Duration

The appointment will be to a fixed-term contract for one year, with a possibility of extension, subject to satisfactory performance and depending on the resources and needs of the Organization.

IV.            Global Call Purpose

The objective of the Global Call is to attract global talent for several Office support functions and posts that will become available in the near future. The Global Call will create a General Service Roster of suitable Applicants that will be used to identify candidates for positions for grades G-3, G-4, G-5 and G-6.

The different functional areas covered by the GS Roster are listed below:

a.      Finance Support

b.      Human Resources Support

c.       Office Support

d.      Meetings and Travel services

e.      Programme Support

f.       Security Services

g.      Statistical Support


Job Requirements



Education: Secondary School Education.

Experience: Minimum two years of relevant office experience in related positions.

IT Skills: Knowledge of the MS Office applications, Internet and office technology equipment.

Technical Skills: Knowledge of corporate computerized Financial / Travel / Human resources systems/ Statistical systems.


•     For G3, G4 and G5 positions: Working knowledge (Level C) of English and limited knowledge (Level B) of one of the other FAO languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish).

•     For G6 positions: Working knowledge (Level C) of English and one of the other FAO languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish).


VI.             FAO Core Competencies


•     Results Focus

•     Teamwork

•     Communication

•     Building Effective Relationships

•     Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement


VII.            Main responsibilities and tasks for the General Service positions G-3 to G-6

The key functions/results include BUT ARE NOT limited to:


•     Receive, screen and direct telephone calls and visitors; respond to routine internal and external enquiries Analyse, manage and monitor a large and diversified volume of complex correspondence and documentation, often of confidential and sensitive nature; ensure appropriate routing, reply, prioritization, accuracy, consistency, informal translation and timeliness; bring complex, sensitive or priority issues to the supervisor’s attention;

•     Organize and coordinate the work performed by other office support staff; coordinate activities across the division, including divisional issues, deadlines and other requests;

•     Establish internal procedures and tracking systems for correspondence and documents; verify that work is done in accordance with corporate standards; monitor work progress;

•     Supervise, train and provide guidance to other lower grade support staff in the work unit;

•     Participate in the design of data collection processes; plan and supervise the collection and processing of statistical data from international and national sources; monitor return of data; screen data for accuracy and consistency;

•     Coordinate a wide range of personnel actions including appointments, extensions, transfers, etc.; process requests and provide advice on entitlements; review, maintain and update confidential personnel information records and files in the area of responsibility;

•     Evaluate ongoing financial support requirements, adapt service provision to meet changing needs and solve operational problems as required;

•     Follow up on the preparation of reports, correspondence, briefing notes and other documents; review documents and make changes to their format or style in accordance with standard practices; conduct research and prepare briefing materials for the supervisor; provide informal translations into another official language;

•     Prepare draft cost estimates and budget proposals and participate in budget analysis and projections;

•     Draft correspondence to member countries, UN agencies and other institutions regarding information; draft text for reports on specialized matters; evaluate, verify and edit tables, charts and presentations for annual and periodic publications and internal or international meetings;

•     Ensure the initiation of a variety of transactions in the Organization’s computerized administrative systems.

•     Assist with the familiarisation of security procedures, respecting planned security measures; ensure safety in case of fire or emergencies, and assist people in order to evacuate the building; carry out entrance checks of people, goods, and ensure their safety and check alarm systems.

Additional Details
VIII.              Additional information


•     Candidates may apply from any geographic location.

•     Selected candidates will need to relocate to a location within the commuting distance of FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy at their own expense. “Commuting distance” means the distance within which staff members can travel daily between their place of work and their residence.

•     No international benefits will be payable as positions will be recruited locally and paid in local currency (Euro).

•     FAO does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing).

•      For other issues, visit the FAO employment website: http://www.fao.org/employment/home/en/.


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