Ear Mould Lab Technician: Local NGO

Deadline: 26 October 2016

Start date: As soon as possible

We are looking for an enthusiastic and committed individual to fill the position of Ear Mould Lab Technician within the Organisation. Full training and development opportunities will be provided.

As an Ear Mould Technician, you will be making custom ear inserts for musicians, sports people, security personnel, but with majority being made for hearing aid users young and old. The role involves various tasks throughout the manufacturing process; including mixing and pouring materials (acrylics and silicone) and manually hand finishing the bespoke products by shaping and polishing to a high-quality finish. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced technician who’s ready to learn, our highly skilled team will provide you with full training. Ear mould technician experience is highly desirable but not required.

Job description
Makes wax pattern of ear and moulds plastic impression of ear for use in hearing aids, using hand tools, grinder, and polishing wheels: Forms red designing wax into shape of ear, using spatulas, brushes, and gas burner; Mixes ingredients to make plaster and pours it over wax pattern to form plaster mould of ear; Removes plaster mould from wax pattern; Mixes ingredients to make plastic compound and pours it into plaster mould to form impression of ear; Applies hot and cold water and air to mould to harden plastic liquid in cavity of mould; Removes rough casting of ear from mould; Grinds and polishes casting to obtain plastic ear impression, using electric grinder and polishing wheels; Examines impression for blemishes, and places it in box for shipment

Good attention to detail to maintain high product quality; Good manual dexterity; Willingness to learn about new materials and manufacturing techniques; Ability to work well within a team; Excellent time management skills; Good eyesight to identify shapes, trademarks and serial numbers

Prior experience in an ear mould laboratory preferred but not essential.

To apply
Please email your CV and cover letter to: wizearvacancies@gmail.com