Developer Wanted


Have you got what it takes to join a team of elite developers, developing a powerful product?
We’re looking for someone who has the ability to make an impact developing enhancements to existing proprietary software in addition to new developments.

We’re looking for someone with energy and drive who ticks these boxes:

*The ability to employ the most efficient methods of addressing business problems by staying current with industry developments.
*Responsible for coding and developing of enhancements within existing products, and new developments around new products.
*Responsible for code debugging
*Sound knowledge of procedural and object orientated programming concepts
*Experience in at least one major language geared toward application programming (C#, Java)
*Experience in at least one mainstream language used in web development (Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby)
*Experience in Database design and development (MySQL, SQLServer)
*Experience of Intergration Development and use of message protocols (JSON, XML..)
*Knowledge of the Spring / Maven Java development environment preferred but not essential
*Knowledge of the GNU C/C# compilers (GCC/G#) in Linux preferred but not essential
*Aptitude to learn new concepts quickly
*App development experience preferred
*Responsible for maintenance of existing integrations.
*Integration planning, design and development for new integration requirements.
*Knowledge and Experience in Database design and SQL.
*Working knowledge of BI tools and data warehousing preferred.
*Responsible for provision of data to support business requirements
*Creation of reports based upon business requirements

*Bachelors Degree / Equivalent majoring in Com Sci / Info Systems
*Preferred International Exposure
*Minimum of 5 years experience

Send in your CV to to be considered, and let us know why you’re the best candidate for the job