Consultants Required: We Effect Zimbabwe

Deadline: COB 21 December 2016

We Effect Zimbabwe (formerly Swedish Cooperative Centre) is supporting development work through partners in Zimbabwe. It uses a study circle methodology, a participatory learning method, as a capacity building tool for skills and knowledge for farmers and farmer groups. We Effect considers the Study circles methodology important and critical because of its inherent attributes which are of a participatory and dynamic nature, is based on voluntary participation, promotes equality and democracy in groups, encourages participant’s search for knowledge according to own needs and interests and promotes change and action in participants’ lives.

We Effect Zimbabwe is seeking the services of consultants to do the following:

Assignment 1
Review 2 study circle materials: Marketing; Indigenous chicken production and marketing; Pig production and marketing
. The objective is to review these 2 existing study circle materials to update content and improve their structure. The books are available from We Effect for inspection.

Assignment 2
The development of new study circle materials on: Broiler production and marketing;  Layers Production and marketing
. The objective is to develop new study circle materials for use by farmers or farmer groups on the above topics.

Assignment 3: Editing of study circle materials
Series editing and proof reading of 10 study circle materials
. The objective is to edit a set of 10 study circle materials to ensure conformity to We Effect study circle materials standards and uniform presentation of the books. The books will be available for inspection at We Effect.

Objective of the three assignments
The objective of the assignment is to come up with study circle materials with simplified language while ensuring the facts and content are technically accurate. It is important that the materials remain focused on providing scientific information but simple enough to be used by small scale farmers as a study circle material. Therefore the consultant shall endeavour to review and simplify a scientific study material for use by smallholder farmers in study circles.

Outputs of the assignment
The consultants, upon completion of the assignment: shall deliver to We Effect a hard (printed) copy of the reviewed, edited study circle material; for new books or reviewed books insert appropriate illustrations and/ pictures in the study materials (where they are available); and for new books or reviewed books recommend appropriate illustrations and/or pictures for inclusion in the study materials (where they are not available).

Format of output
The soft and hard copy of the material should be submitted in Microsoft Word (soft copy), Georgia font, size 11, on A4 size paper. Main headings, sub headings and the body shall be set at different levels and text to distinguish them from each other. All figures and tables shall be captioned appropriately and at a lower font size than the text. Tables shall be captioned above and figures below.

Because the output is a study circle material, it shall include questions, activities, discussion points, suggestions and assignments to stimulate discussion and self learning in study groups. Each session shall have learning objectives and a conclusion on learning points.

The assignment shall be for a total of six (6) working days per book for those reviewing from the date of signing the agreement with We Effect and 8 days for new books. The consultants will also attend a study circles editing, materials development or review induction workshop organised by We Effect before commencement of the work.

The consultant must: Be a subject matter specialist i.e. have practical knowledge and qualifications for the book topic applied for; Have successfully undertaken a previous book development, editing or review assignment for community use; Knowledge of participatory material development; Knowledge of good and appropriate pics and illustrations in materials; Editing knowledge and experience

The assignment shall be coordinated by the Study Circles Advisor, through the Country Representative and all queries must be directed to:

We Effect
221 Fife Ave
Tel: +263 4 707494

The books are available for inspection at the above address. Consultants can separately bid to review a max of 2 books separately bidded for or develop a max of 1 book. Deadline for submissions is Wed COB 21st Dec 2016. Submissions must be made through: or hand delivered to the address above in an envelope clearly marked “Study Circles Material Review”, “New Study circle material” or “Series Editing”.

The bid should clearly indicate the assignment bidded for, understanding of tors, methodology, time frame, budget and payment terms.