Consultancy: Research on Social Protection and Access to Health in Old Age

Company NameCentre for Community Development Solutions
Jobs InformationConsultancy: Research on Social Protection and Access to Health in Old Age
Closing Date: 12 August 2016

The Centre for Community Development Solutions (CCDS) is a civic organisation involved in a number of development initiatives. CCDS is the coordinator of the National Age Network of Zimbabwe (NANZ), NANZ is a coalition of institutions and government departments committed to the well-being of older persons in Zimbabwe. NANZ, through CCDS and partners is implementing UKAID, Age International and SADC funded projects in Zimbabwe. The two projects have a component of a study to understand the links between social protection and health including HIV/Aids among older persons. Findings are aimed at equipping policy makers with relevant information to inform decisions and to influence programme intervention direction. The two projects are being implemented in different countries in Africa namely Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe and results and recommendations will be applied across these countries. This is study is for the Zimbabwe component of the programmes only.
The Centre for Community Development Solutions on behave of the National Age Network of Zimbabwe seeks to engage a consultant for a research on Social Protection and Access to Health in Old Age.

Required Skills

A postgraduate qualification (Masters or above) in Social Sciences, Public Health or in a discipline relevant to this assignment with a minimum of 5 years’ experience, Proven work experience in the area of public health and social protection, good and proven understanding of ageing issues, proven experience in quantitative research methods, including extensive proven experience of statistical analysis, Strong communication skills, proficient in working across all levels of institutions with experience of conducting interviews sensitively in a range of contexts, excellent report writing skills in English, strong understanding of the policy environment in Zimbabwe.

Interested consultant(s) should submit a proposal by 1700hrs on Friday the 12th of August 2016 outlining the following: An understanding of the ToR, Outline of methodologies to be used, A demonstration of knowledge of data sources for HIV and Aids prevalence and infection rates by age cohort, Budget and CVs of consultant/s. Responses should be sent to

Job Application
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