Call for Consultancy / Assessment of corporate social responsibility activities and cost of projects at one mining site in the Great Dyke: The Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA)
Deadline: 23 August 2016

The Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) is carrying out a project aimed at promoting improved service delivery in rural and urban communities leveraged on the exploitation of natural resources. The main purpose of the project is to promote transparency and accountability in the management and use of natural resources and mineral revenues for improved service delivery by government entities, local authorities and the private sector. The project is being implemented through carefully selected strategic interventions including investigative and evidence based research and creation of alternative spaces for engagement amongst stakeholders. Through these interventions, ZELA seeks to address several problems related to the use, management and distribution of natural resources and mineral revenues for supporting provision of services. The project seeks to help address the problem of limited transparency and accountability in the generation and management of public finances accruing from the extractive sector.

The overarching objective of the research is:
To investigate the cost efficiency and responsiveness of CSR projects in mining impacted communities.

The scope of work entails the following
Assessment and analysis of corporate social investments in corporate annual reports from 2010-2015 for mining companies in Shurugwi; Evaluate the responsiveness of corporate social investments to the socio-economic needs of communities impacted by mining activities with specific focus on gender responsiveness; Special investigation of cost of projects undertaken under corporate social investments by mining companies in Shurugwi and analyse their rationality and opportunity cost; Review the standard of local CSR practice by multinational companies against regional and international experience by related companies.

Key deliverables
A comprehensive report with actionable key recommendations on how mining companies, local government and communities impacted by mining activities can make CSR work for the people.

Qualifications and experience required
Possess a Masters’ degree in sustainable development or development studies; Knowledge of economic aspects of the natural resources sector will be an added advantage; Must have a proven track record of research on natural resource governance; Proven experience on working with mining companies and mining impacted communities.

To apply
Interested candidates can submit their expressions of interest giving an indication of their understanding of the assignment, the approach (2 pages maximum) and the professional fees. The applications should be accompanied by CVs and submitted by email to: mukasiri [at] zela [dot] org and copy joyce [at] zela [dot] org

No applications will be entertained after the deadline.