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Thermal Agriculture

Small holder contract farming – We provide inputs, extension services, training, monitoring and evaluation and continued support to smallholder farmers, especially those farming in irrigation schemes. The farmers, in turn provides labour and crop management to grow potatoes, soya beans, sugar beans, maize and tomatoes. Markets and logistics for these crops are prearranged with reputable off takers.

Supply of seed, fertiliser and agro-chemicals – We have access to high quality agricultural inputs from a wide range of suppliers both locally and regionally and deliver these to smallholder farmers who might not have the means to acquire them from their villages economically. These inputs are supplied to farmers participating in our contract schemes. Farmers who are not members of our scheme can access the same inputs on a cash basis.

Tillage, extension and support services – We offer these services to smallholder farmers under our contract schemes and in association with various interest groups such as government, non-governmental organisations, farmers unions, financial institutions and special interest groups. On request, we also offer crop specific training. This has grown our brand within the country as a resource center for farmer training and development.

Commodity broking – We also provide an organised route to market for smallholder farmers for various agricultural commodities. We supply wholesalers at open markets, processors and retailers for a commission. We endeavour to pay farmer on the day of delivery and sell to our clients on terms not exceeding thirty days depending on the risk profile.

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