Business Development Specialist-Zimbabwe


Strategic Function:
The Business Development Manager will report to the Director of Programs and be responsible for ensuring that project participants, self-help groups, cooperatives, and associations have the knowledge and skills to develop and run successful enterprises and cooperatives. In close collaboration and coordination with the Program Managers, the Director of Programs He/she will ensure successful, innovative, efficient, and effective functioning of all enterprise hubs and cooperatives in the program through effective technological use and working in collaboration with other departments towards achieving the common goal.


1. Design and track the implementation of the enterprise development strategy, along with reviewing and updating it as appropriate
2. In collaboration with the Training Manager and technical experts, design/develop/update training packages/modules, business plan models and training materials for different levels
3. In coordination with the Training Manager, identify institutions, experts and trainers as needed and employ them to implement trainings for capacity development of project partners, cooperatives and farmers according to the enterprise development promotion strategy
4. Provide support in exploring business opportunities along the value chain of the selected commodity(ies) and in preparing business plans for cooperatives and farm families
5. Build innovation in business development for smallholder farmers, cooperatives, etc., to increase efficiency and effectiveness
6. Coordinate value chain studies of selected commodities as required
7. Coordinate an economic analysis of proposed enterprises along the relevant value chain
8. Provide support in establishing and operating market structures (e.g., collection centers, market centers, processing facilities, chilling centers, etc.)
9. Provide support in establishing marketing information systems among value chain actors
10. Prepare periodic reports and document best practices and lessons learned


11. Facilitate and monitor pre-cooperative\producer association orientation activities in the self-help groups (SHGs) and clusters of SHGs as they develop into cooperatives/producer associations and Associations
12. Facilitate SHGs in the formation of cooperatives and support in the registration process
13. Facilitate primary cooperatives to form Associations or federations
14. Facilitate Design, develop and deliver training packages/modules
15. Provide technical support in formalizing cooperatives and Associations
16. Develop an institutional framework for cooperatives and cooperative Associations with clear linkages with the individual cooperatives and SHGs
17. Develop guidelines for the formation, management and governance of cooperatives
18. Facilitate the capacity building of the cooperative/union governing board and management in effective and efficient decision making, financial management, human resource management, operation and strategic planning and implementation, conflict management and democratic governance
19. Coordinate and build up linkages and networks with the appropriate government Cooperative Office and other organizations, as required
20. Monitor, support and backstop the cooperatives/Associations for effective functioning


21. Facilitate the development of a cooperative/producer association values and principles orientation kit that incorporates Heifer’s Cornerstones
22. Facilitate the cooperative/producer associations in the orientation of new non-Heifer members to fully understand cooperative principles and values
23. Guide cooperatives in establishing a system for the fair distribution of benefits
24. Guide cooperatives in conducting periodic PSRP and reinforcing values


25. Serve as a team motivator in the CP team
26. With the Program Manager – Animal Well-Being, develop the business hubs of the cooperatives with backward and forward linkages into the total value chain
27. Work in close coordination with the Program Manager – Animal Well-Being on quality assurance and control for all livestock-based products for processing, packaging, marketing, and distribution
28. Develop capacity building and operationalization of the business and marketing plans of the business hubs through joint planning, monitoring, and evaluation with the Program Manager – Animal Well-Being Director of Programs Manager
29. Coordinate with Program Managers and Director of Program in providing facilitating/backstopping services for capacity building and developing linkages
30. Participate in the organization and implementation of enterprise development related Training of Trainers for project partners, cooperatives and project farmers
31. In coordination with the Program Manager and Director of Programs, support families and cooperatives to develop marketing plans for their enterprises
32. Seek continued growth in the knowledge of Heifer International programs and issues of hunger and poverty
33. Perform other job-related responsibilities as requested.


Most Critical Proficiencies:

1. Knowledge of and experience in agro-enterprise, commodity value-chain and cooperative development
2. Knowledge of and experience with or within community organizations
3. Knowledge of the non-profit sector and the context in which non-profit organizations operate
4. Fluent in national language/s and English, both spoken and written
5. Good leadership qualities
6. Good communication skills
7. Excellent organizational skills including strong attention to detail
8. Skills with Microsoft Office Suite, internet browser, and other appropriate technology


Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands:
• Motivated to work responsibly with little supervision
• Ability to meet and deal with others in a courteous and tactful manner
• Produce and present reports in a well-designed and attractive format with superior attention to detail
• Constant face-to-face, telephone and electronic communication with colleagues and the general public
• Constant sitting, standing and walking, with occasional bending and lifting; may work at a computer for extended periods of time
• Sound judgment, professionalism and a positive attitude with the ability to demonstrate a high degree of honesty and integrity
• Ability and willingness to work with a flexible schedule
• Willingness and ability to travel extensively, both locally and abroad

Required Experience


Minimum Requirements:
A Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness, plus at least (5) years proven experience in setting up and running an Agribusiness Enterprise(s), specifically livestock enterprises and cooperative developments.

Job Location

Harare, , Zimbabwe

Position Type