An Economic Loss Consultant – Zimbabwe

Action Contre la Faim (ACF) seeks to engage a consultant for an ongoing research project on reducing maize-based mycotoxins contamination and exposure in Zimbabwe. The research project commenced on 1 October 2014 and is scheduled for completion on 31 March 2017. The overall objective of the project is to investigate the effectiveness of hermetic storage technology in the reduction of aflatoxin contamination in maize grain and hence, the reduction in exposure to humans to these toxins in the two districts.
Lenght of contract** : 2.5 months, from July, 15th 2016

Objectives :

This assessment is intended to provide an analysis of the reduction of economic losses resulting from the use of improved post-harvest technologies by farmers.

More precisely, the expected outcomes are the following :

  • Evaluate the level of post-harvest losses (both physical and economic) at farming households’ level (losses using traditional storage facilities versus losses using various improved storage technologies) and identify the causes of these losses.
  • Evaluate the economic impact of the use of post-harvest technologies by farmers and the profitability of using these technologies.
  • Analyse the feasibility of scaling-up post-harvest technologies (taking into account technical, social, economic factors).
  • According to the findings, provide recommendations for the scaling-up of post-harvest technologies. **
    The applicant :** You have a Master or PHD in Economic, Agricultural Economics or Social Sciences. You have at least one previous experience doing an economic assessment of agriculture program, and 5 years of development experience in international agencies and programs. This position requires a good knowlegge and understanding of post-harvest technologies and post-harvest management. You are known for your analytical and technical competences in the topic, and for your skills in reports writing and documentation.
    You have got excellent oral and written capacities in English and a previous experience in Zimbabwe / Southern Africa is an asset.

Status : Local contract


Those interested should send an email, requesting for the detailed Terms of References with subject line REQUEST FOR ECONOMIC LOSS CONSULTANCY TORs.

Application submission deadline for the consultancy is 18 July 2016.