A local Faith Based Organization (FBO) seeks to recruit the following key positions

A local Faith Based Organization (FBO) seeks to recruit the following key positions. The prospective candidates should in addition to the specific expertise and qualification demonstrate the following attributes and capacities.


  • Demonstrated research and analytical skills
  • Ability to develop project concepts and project proposals, resource mobilization and partner management
  • Project management, (project cycle),
  • Representing institution at public forums, including presentations
  • Self-starter/self-driven, problem solving
  • Emotional intelligence and maturity to work in fast paced evolving institution
  • Willing to go an extra mile for purposes of achieving shared institutional and professional goals,
  • Ability to relate with different faith based groups, civil society and relevant agencies of the state
  • Appreciation of global developmental processes such as sustainable development goals, government commitments

Position 1: Finance officer

Responsible for the organization’s budget and cash flow management duties to include fund release request preparation, coordination and supervision of cash forecast requirements, assisting in the development of project and grant proposal budget, review of the annual plans, and optimal utilization of funds.

  • Qualifications must be a minimum of a Degree in Accounting/ CA or Equivalent
  • Strong experience in monitoring organizational compliance with policies, procedures and regulations
  • Can ensure organization’s compliance with funding terms, including monthly bank balance reporting requirements, compliance with procurement policy, and immediate notification of deviations to relevant management.
  • Able to review and verify financial documents of the whole organization to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles, policy and donors requirements.
  • Assisting in the developing of finance manual requirements, capacity building for finance staff of member organizations as well as recommending systems for improvement.
  • Responsible for review and analysis of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports of the organization, ensure donor reporting requirement compliance, and records management for audit and review requirements
  • Prepares monthly funding request and submits it for timely funding to support the activities.
  • Participates in preparing the organization’s annual budget in conformance with the strategic plan.
  • Reviews all payments against approved budget.
  • Prepares accurate bank reconciliation for all the Area accounts and carries out monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Monitors all project accounts to ensure that funds are appropriately applied and utilized.
  • Maintaining up-to-date records, insurances, assets inventory, and related activities.
  • Maintenance and settlement of rental, utility bills for the office and other related properties.
  • Coordinate the process of sourcing, purchasing, and supplying goods to the program.
  • Maintain all necessary files with regards to general office administration.
  • Maintain office equipment at the head office.
  • Oversee usage of vehicles, fuel, vehicle maintenance, and general routine maintenance of office equipment and general cleanliness.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Position 2. Program Officer: Active Citizenship Good Governance


  • Qualifications must possess at minimum a higher national diploma or Degree Political Science, Administration, Development studies, Social Studies
  • Appreciation of the constitutional, legal and political issues in the country
  • Understanding of social accountability, governance issues
  • Role of citizens
  • Programme development, projects, proposals civic awareness interventions
  • Experience working with community and citizen based organizations, including government agencies, commissions
  • Experience of working in similar institutions or non-governmental organisations of not less than 3 years

Position 3: Project officer: Economic Justice and Youth Empowerment

  • Qualifications must possess at minimum a Degree Political science, Economics and Development, Development Finance,
  • Experience working with youths, youth formations at community, local and national level
  • Entrepreneurship ideas, experience of working in corporate sector or social entrepreneurship
  • Appreciation and understanding of developmental economics, budgeting making processes, expenditure tracking at local and national levels,
  • Appreciation of integrated programming, addressing social exclusion and inequalities of opportunities
  • Experience of working in similar institutions or non-governmental organisations of not less than 3 years

Position 3:  Project officer: Gender Justice and Women Empowerment

  • Qualifications must possess at minimum a higher national diploma or Degree Political science, Gender Studies, Development Studies,
  • Ability to integrate gender programming across the institution’s themes
  • Serve as the thought leader, programming leader on all aspects that entail inclusion, empowerment, participation of women, girls in institution programming
  • Developing targets for measurement of inclusion of women, transformation processes of the church, church programming,
  • Support member churches with strategies to address issues such as domestic violence within the church, sexual reproductive health rights
  • Strong working experience in gender justice and women empowerment related programming of not less than 3 years



The institution is an equal opportunity employer, women and individuals from disadvantaged groups are strongly encouraged to apply.



Application and selection process

  • Submit your application letter by 5th of January 2017 to the HR Officer at fboposition@gmail.com
  • Motivation letter longer than two pages will not be considered
  • Two professional references must be provided in the first application
  • CV longer than three pages will not be considered
  • If you do not receive a response by the 1st of March, 2017, you will not have been shortlisted